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Gaétan SIMO

Network Architect CCIE#53464

Driving License
United Kingdom
Consultant Unavailable
Gaetan has gained a solid experience over the past 13 years. His expertise spans across a large panel of network fields (WAN, LAN, WIFI, Datacenter, and Security). This expertise was demonstrated by the acquisition of the CCIE in 2016. But apart from his exceptional technical skills, his particularity is his ability to adapt to any working environment in a very short amount of time. This transpires through the large variety of companies (retails, factory, research facilities, banking, Internet operators, etc) where he was able to provide remarkable results from all his projects. This ability to quickly adapt stems from the large number of cultures that have influenced him over the years. He is currently fluent in French, English and Japanese. Allowing him to be part of your team is an insurance that your projects would be delivered with excellent results.
  • Designing new Datacenter networks and migrating customers from their legacy environment.
  • Designing and coordinating the implementation of several Dark Fibre, MPLS networks, Data Centers, Nexus2K/5K/7K, ASR9K, FortiGate,
  • Protocols involved includes BGP, OSPF, FabricPath, IPSec, etc.
  • Design and implementation of network refresh of WAN, LAN, WLAN and Firewall solution on multiple large sites and campuses.
  • Cisco ISR4431 for WAN. IWAN Solution with APIC-EM. Dual-router with multi-hubs DMVPN networks. Local breakout for Internet and Express-Routes on MPLS. Routing protocols BGP for MPLS, EIGRP on the DMVPN networks and OSPF on the LAN. Cisco Prime Infrastructure for monitoring.
  • LAN Core Meraki switches with MS410 and MS425. Layer 3 routing for the LAN with OSPF.
  • LAN Access switches with MS210 and MS225. Replacement of the entire legacy switching environment.
  • WLAN with Meraki Access Points MR42. Multiple SSIDs (Corporate, Partners. Guest) with different levels of security. AAA done on Cisco ISE.
  • Meraki API scripting as well as Meraki Templates for rapid deployment, monitoring and reporting.
  • Check Point Firewalls used for NAT and filtering.
  • Design, build and deploy projects related to Enterprise Network, Wireless, Datacentre, and Security.
  • Design and implement from the ground up, a highly secure network environment for a major bank in London
  • Design and implement a worldwide Meraki network for high-end retail companies, with LAN, WLAN, Firewall
  • Design and implement multiple wireless environment for Corporate, Staff, Guest and others, with various types ofsecurity and authentication protocols
  • Design and migrate multiple data centres to high performance technologies such as Nexus, C9400, C6880, etc...
  • Multiple other projects...
  • Build and engineering of LAN and WAN for the world-wide corporate network
  • Design, planning and deployment of LAN and WAN devices refresh
  • Design, planning and deployment of LAN and WAN Insourcing from AT&T
  • Design, planning and deployment of WAN migration from AT&T to Verizon
  • Design and roll out of Wifi Guest based on Cisco AP, WLC, Prime and ISE
  • Design and roll out of Wifi Corporate based on Cisco AP, WLC, Prime and ISE
  • Build, engineering and operations of Lacoste's world wide Network infrastructure
  • Design and architecture improvement. Project engineering roll out.
  • Monitoring, script automation, troubleshooting, device deployment, technical documents redaction and coordination with remote IT team
  • LAN, WLAN, WAN, DC, Security, VPN (Site-to-Site and Remote Access), Visio Conference
  • More than 400 sites : Stores, Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Datacenters
  • More than 1500 network devices : Routers, Switches, Access Points, Wireless Controllers,
  • Lead of 20 local IT at remote branches
  • Network and system engineer in the INRIA project named ALADDIN-Grid'5000.
  • Network engineer at the INRIA Saclay IT team.
  • Configuration and deployment of Wireless network : NCS, UCOPIA, Lightweight AP, CISCO
  • Configuration and deployment of network monitoring tools : Cacti, Network-Weathermap, Nagios
  • Design, deployment, management and supervision of a 480 cores cluster : Puppet, Chef-node, Capistrano, Kadeploy, OAR
  • Design and deployment of a network supervision tools that auto-configure itself based on physical links : Network Link discovery, Cacti, Network-weathermap,
  • Development of a tool to configure different models of network equipments : CISCO, HP PROCURVE, 3COM, POWERCONNECT, EXTREME-NETWORK, FOUNDRY;
Company Description
INRIA is a public research organization, dedicated to numeric science and technology.
Company website
  • Design, implementation and deployment of an architecture for Peer-To-Peer network live video streaming.
  • Establishment of the state-of-the-art Peer-To-Peer protocols, streaming protocols, and videos codecs.
  • Development of a tool for sending and reading live video streaming over a Peer-To-Peer network
  • Integration of multiple libraries into one platform (LibTorrent, DHT, VLC, JSVM, C++, C#, …)
Company Description
The LaBRI is a research unit specialized in computer science. It is associated with the CNRS , the University of Bordeaux 1, the IPB and the University of Bordeaux 2
Company website
  • Network and systems technician at the daily basis.
  • VidIP is a product which transports professional quality live video over IP, mostly over the Internet
  • Network management at the daily basis : IP Router, VLAN, VPN, Firewall, FTP server, DYNDNS server, asterisk (IPBX).
  • Integration of Company product VidIP into client network infrastructure : Collaboration with customer’s network engineers to design the best network architecture for VidIP
  • Remote support and maintenance of VidIP installed on customers sites : SSH, tcpdump, telnet, NAT, port forwarding, VLC
  • Implementation of additional features on VidIP : File Transfert, IPV6 support
  • Bug Corrections on VidIP software : C/C++, J2EE, Visual Studio, SVN, gsoap , UDP/TCP/RAW Sockets, Shell/Bash.
Company Description
Mediatvcom is a consultancy and systems integration firm.
  • Development of a web interface for Thales IP network Hotline department : PHP, MySQL, Html, CSS, Javascript.
  • Deployment and configuration of tools for THALES IP network real time supervision : Nagios, WhatsUp. SNMP
  • Controlling quality of the material received by the company. Work with a group of 4 mechanical engineers.
  • Making sure faulty articles are returned to the provider and replaced. Regular contact with providers.

Communications representative

May 2006 to May 2009
  • The purpose of this forum is to organize the annual school workfare.
    • Managing communications between club members
    • Organizing and running the advertising campaign in school, in town, in the press and on the web.
    • Dialoguing with more than thirty companies invited to the forum to make sure they had all the information they needed.

Member on AEI

May 2006 to May 2008
  • AEI is the student-run business of ENSEIRB-MATMECA.
    • Prospecting possible clients and scheduling meetings
    • Meeting with possible clients to discuss they needs in detail for a given project
    • Establishing specifications
    • Following the project to completion.